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Still Running with Knee Pain? Try these 3 tips

“If you don’t think you were born to run then you are denying history. You are denying who you are” is probably the most repeated quote from Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”. There’s no doubt we should all participate in some form of running on a weekly basis.  It alleviates stress, battles signs of depression, reduces the risk...

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MRI Scans for the Lower Back and Digesting the Results

Getting MRI results can be terrifying especially on the lower back when terms like “disc herniation” “disc protrusion” and “disc degeneration” are almost guaranteed to be on the report. These terms are scary enough to give anyone a nightmare and a lot of people cut back on exercise and some activities of daily living to “protect”...

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5 Animal Flow Exercises Every GAA Player Should be Doing

The GAA season is well and truly underway and most of us are knee deep in training or game preparation. The biggest worry is picking up an avoidable injury just before a championship game. Every team has a guy riddled with hamstring problems, a guy who got his hips done, or a guy whose calves are always tight. Or maybe you are one of those guys....

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Paddy O'Rourke, Chartered Physiotherapist